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Illinois Postsecondary Profiles continues feature roll-out

Have you visited the IllinoisPostsecondaryProfiles.com website yet? Have you shared it with your school counselors and academic advisors? Students and parents?

The Illinois Postsecondary Profiles website brings together data from across multiple agencies in one interactive, easy-to-use website. Currently, visitors to the site can explore the full range of postsecondary institutions in Illinois.

New features that we want to highlight for end users includes:

  • Download the Data – Researchers can download the data from across the site into a spreadsheet file with the link at the bottom of each page.IPP Website Screenshot - Download the Data
  • Print and/or Export Data on a particular screen – Users can also take what they see on their own computers and print or export to a spreadsheet for future reference.
    IPP Website Screenshot - Article Inset Detail Image

What’s coming next?
The next phase of the website, which is under development, will allow users to explore occupations and areas of study.

The Illinois Postsecondary Profiles website is a collaboration of the Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Community College Board, and it is developed and managed by Northern Illinois University’s Illinois Interactive Report Cards.